ARMA is a premium leather fashion brand with a modern style, for both women and men. With over nine hundred retailers worldwide, ARMA has become a well-known brand in premium leather, shearling, and suede. The high quality of the brand is based on years of experience, true craftsmanship and a broad knowledge of materials and techniques. The dedicated design team applies this wisdom to modern styles and fits.

ARMA womenswear stands for elegance and feminine fits with a refined use of different materials and details. The men’s collection clearly reflects a classic and modern silhouette. ARMA has grown due to the love for craftsmanship, the demand of the highest possible quality and a unique sense of style.

ARMA started in 1985 designing and manufacturing leather and shearling garments. The luxury garments made from the best materials have elegantly dressed women and men in many countries for the last 3 decades.The founders were destined to step into the world of leather and shearling.

As of the early fifties in the 20th century, their father worked as a tradesman for leather skins and shearling in Armenia. Ever since, he passed on the art of leather tanning and processing to his sons. The early day collections were unique and based on interpretations of successful silhouettes of those days. For menswear, iconic styles such as bikers, flight jackets, and bombers were converted into leather and suede jackets. Over the years collections became more elaborate.

Specialized designers were appointed and a true cosmopolitan style was born. From Paris to Barcelona, Munich to Berlin, Athens, Amsterdam and Antwerp, ARMA is offered throughout the finest retail stores around the globe Looking into the future with the directors of ARMA, Aram Aykaz, and Sirun Aykaz: ”We are very proud of the success of this company.

Constant adjustment to changes in the society is key to keep up with dynamic market demands. Going forward our vision is to focus on the premium market from a style, quality, material and finishing point of view and to keep prices realistic so the value of our products remains high. We partner with the best stores and retailers with whom we strive for mutual success.”